2023 Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP2


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    The top-of-the-range model in the Streetfighter family is the new Streetfighter V4 SP2 in a numbered version. A bike ready to take to the track, thanks to exclusive technical equipment that combines the “Fight Formula” with “SP” specifications, making it even more effective in sporty riding especially on the circuit.

    The “Winter Test” livery is designed by the Centro Stile Ducati taking inspiration from the Ducati Corse bikes used during the pre-season tests of the MotoGP and SBK Championships. The matte black of the superstructures, combined with the matte carbon finish of the rims and wings, contrasts with the bright red accents and the brilliance of the exposed brushed aluminum tank, which is also found on the side covers of the radiators.

    The saddle is customized with the “V4 SP2” logo, while the carbon wings are embellished with the Italian flag which also appears on the official Panigale V4 R SBK.

    The 1,103 cc Desmosedici Stradale, capable of delivering 208 hp at 13,000 rpm and 90.4 lb-ft at 9,500 rpm, has been revised in engine calibration to match the larger diameter of the silencer outlet, introduced in order to reduce the exhaust back pressure. In addition, on the right side there is the clutch cover of the Panigale V4, which allows you to easily mount the dry clutch and the clutch cover protection.

    The high-quality wheels of the Streetfighter V4 SP2, with 5 split spokes, are made of high-strength carbon fiber and have aluminum hubs screwed to the composite structure. Both allow a weight saving of 3 lb compared to the forged aluminum wheels of the Streetfighter V4 S, which reaches 7.5 lb compared to the aluminum ones of the Streetfighter V4, leading to a significant reduction in the moment of inertia to the benefit of nimbleness and lightness in changes of direction*.

    A bike ready to hit the track, thanks to exclusive technical equipment that combines the “Fight Formula” with the “SP” specifications, making it even more effective in sports riding.
    The Streetfighter V4 S features semi-active Öhlins suspension with SmartEC 2.0 interface, gaining in versatility, effectiveness and rapidity in set-up.
    On the Streetfighter V4 SP2 the Desmosedici Stradale is equipped with the STM-EVO SBK dry clutch, which guarantees a better slipper function, even in the most aggressive of climbs, and more fluidity in all “off-throttle” phases.

Product Code: 2023 Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP2.

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